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The History of Osteopathy Approximately 130 years ago, after suffering a hard fate himself, the American doctor of medicine Andrew Taylor Still (1828 – 1917) founded the osteopathy. Despite growing progress and large achievements in the traditional medical area, his wife and four of his children became ill and passed away shortly after. A.T. Still was dissatisfied with the way of caring for the symptoms only and the constant specialization in the traditional medical area, hence he developed a new, holistic method, based on the conclusion: All Life is Motion Still formed a new understanding of health and disease. In terms of the human body, that means that if the movement flow in the body is interrupted, the person does not feel well, is in pain and may become sick. To date, these findings form the basics of the osteopathic medicine, which, as a soft therapy, is particularly conservative and therefore appropriate for children as well.